How long will my order take to be processed and delivered?

Our products are special order and are produced when they are ordered. Generally, this takes 4-6 working days from the time the order was placed. Standard shipping times apply. Packages ship from our offices in Ogden, Utah.

I am a homeowner with existing hardwood floors. Can I still install Top Step vents to fit my existing vents?

Our vents are custom built to fit flush mount into your floor. The existing space will need to be modified to properly fit the vents.

How do I know what size to order?

Order the size that matches the closest to the size of ventilation hole. The actual size of the vent is bigger than the hole it is made to cover.

What kind of air flow can I expect?

When measuring the CFM’s of an open hole as compared to one covered by our vents, depending on the style, we found them to be approximately 98% efficient.

How do I order?

Ordering custom floor vents and cold air returns is simple. Just click the “PLACE ORDER” button, located at the top of our website (or just below this paragraph). Once on that page, just select a vent design, finish and size. Then, enter a quantity for that specific configuration and click “Add to Cart.” Repeat the same steps for each unique configuration. When our full order has been added to the cart, proceed to checkout and complete your purchase.


What are the vents made of?

Our vents are made of 1⁄4” American made steel and powder coated for durability.