How to Pick the Right Vent Covers for Your Home

How to Pick the Right Vent Covers for Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary, your retreat, your castle. You’ve spent hours poring over the décor, finishes, furniture, paint, layout, the small details. You’ve invested not only your time, but a small fortune getting your home just right. From the flooring to the light fixtures, you’ve sculpted and refined your home to fit your individual style and needs. But there’s something missing. It’s a little something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Well, let us put our finger on it: too often, homeowners neglect vent covers. Yes, the humble vent cover—delivery devices of oh-so-great conditioned air. There’s no comfort quite like a properly heated or cooled home. So, why leave the distribution of such a critical part of your home’s atmosphere to sub-par products? And let’s face it, those flimsy metal and fragile plastic vent covers are eye sores in your otherwise beautiful space.

Luckily, there’s an alternative: solid steel vent covers. Top Step offers a superior solution to second-rate vent covers. Our solid steel vent covers and cold air returns deliver a five-star feeling to your home’s floors—and can help beautify any space. And with a variety of styles to choose from, and five finishes, there’s a look to suit any design.

Here’s a guide for choosing the right vent design to fit your home.



Some might say “conservative,” others “safe,” but, just like the glass slipper, our Box Design is sure to fit in nicely with your home. And with its traditional shape, you can get creative with different finishes. Whether you want your vents to blend in with your floors, or add a pop of color to a room, we offer five beautiful finishes to help you decide. From silver and gold to black and bronze, there’s a tone for any taste.



If you’re looking for a subtle hint of elegance, choose our Curved Design. These are right at home in a modern kitchen or bathroom. And if you’re looking to add some drama to a space, choose a color that contrasts with the floor. There’s nothing that says modern, chic kitchen or bathroom design like a black vent cover with a white floor.


Looking for something that will perfectly complement wood flooring without overwhelming it? Look no further than our Lattice vent cover. The clean, sleek, horizontal lines blend in with the wood grain. It says, “look at the floor,” without shouting, “LOOK AT ME!” And with five finishes, there’s sure to be one that looks wonderful with your wood.



Who isn’t attracted to the strong, clean, bold lines of a Craftsman style home? If a Craftsman style home could be a vent cover, it would be our Straight Design. True, these designs fit in with older homes swimmingly, but they’re equally attractive among modern accommodations. The simple, yet brave design accentuates the grains in hardwood, tile textures and even different laminate or vinyl flooring patterns.



Looking to amp up your home’s elegance? Turn it up to 11 with our Versailles vent cover. Sure, these will fit perfectly in a dining room with a crystal chandelier, but a Versailles vent in gold or silver will dress up any space. If you’re looking to add a five-star resort feel to your bedroom or living room, you’ve found just the thing.


The Perfect Vent Cover

What’s the perfect vent cover for your home? Only you can decide. But with five beautiful designs and finishes to choose from, Top Step has a style to complement any look. And if we don’t carry that special, unique shape you’re wanting, just contact us to talk about a custom design to make all your own. And if that’s the case, the sky is the limit. So, about that certain “something” missing in your home that you couldn’t quite put your finger on? It just might be new vent covers from Top Step.